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Recently I viewed a very beautiful woman on TV who ‘has the world by the tail’ – in my estimation. However, she has decidedly chosen to either become, stay, or advocate her submission to victimhood. Bad choice. Particularly since she holds such tremendous power over millions of admirers.

Her words are fraught with power to sway, and sway she does. In a few words, she complained that she was upset because people wouldn’t look at her… see her, is what I think she must have alluded. In any event, she droned on about how she was seldom looked at by others.

Do you reckon she might have similarly dissented that if someone did deliberately look directly at her she could then complain that she was ‘looked at’?

Such vain statements are akin to branding one’s breast with the “V” of victim, while beckoning, condoning her admirers to leap upon her misguided bandwagon.

Becoming a victim is now used by those less intelligent as a means to amass those of like mind to their cause… exploiting at every turn for something (only God knows what it might ultimately prove to be) to clothe themselves in self pride.

Self Pride, in an of itself, is surely stepping onto a path of self-destruction. When one deems to place oneself above another human being for any reason; Providing the shovel with which to dig our personal hole into obscurity. Self pride is a cruel Mistress. She can never be satisfied… refuses to be… cannot be.

Beloveds, determine this day to become more aware of exactly what message is being touted to the masses via whatever means we use. In this world our words are indeed, swords and able to be used for good or evil. Beware.

I love you. Priscilla B Shuler aka: Grandmother

Published by priscillabshuler

At 88 still married to Bill for 70 years. Began writing age 75. Six full length fictions. Artist. Staying alive at Springfield Place Retirement Village. Writing my memoirs.

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