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Sunday! Another beautiful day the Lord has given us to revel in His creation. We slept until 9 and I rolled out first. ~ Now here it is nearly noon already and ready to whip over to the kitchen serving line to glean our lunch meal. Usually they give us something sorta special for the Sunday meal, then again we’ve had sandwiches or hotdogs. But! Who’s complaining. I don’t have to assemble the foods myself.

Have a plethora of errands to accomplish this afternoon. Must lay in a supply of milk and other essentials-like Diet Pepsi, popped corn in cellophane bags, a watermelon, and a couple other items we cannot live without. You see, tomorrow I drive back to the Ford Body Shop in Greenville to drop the Subaru off for the week. Daughter, Priscilla Shealy will meet me there to drive me back home to Newberry. The body people will have our car for nearly a week, so we’ve planned that next Friday Priscilla and my granddaughter, Candace will drive my car and her car down to bring the Subaru home for me. Then, they’ll ride back together.

Beyond getting our physical needs taken care of for the ‘car-less week’, I must clean out the car before getting it left for the repair. One can too easily accumulate an auto-full of crap that was SO needful until actually taking the time to cogitate upon each item. Usually the questioned slip of paper, or empty lidded cup (just in case), or kleenex box with two tissues left are all then deemed to be excess and consequently stuffed into the handy Walmart Bag for toting to our large trash receptacle. It’s at that point that I think, “really needs a good cleaning.” Maybe, I tell myself, I can ask the shop to clean it for us. Reckon I will risk it?

And, I promise myself that this afternoon sometime, I must finish the portrait of Jarod. That young man was my tutor for the Book Marketing course I took from Varsity Tutors. I have already painted the picture of ‘The Bell’ for him. Already mounted upon a piece of masonite and ready to ship, but I felt pulled to see if I could come up with a special gift for him. So, I located a nice photograph of him on the internet and downloaded it, printed it out and am using it for the basis to do the portrait in gouache. Not much left to yet do… but am stymied with his eye placement. Thus far I’ve slathered over the eyes three times to attempt to have them perfect. Without that feature being correct the portrait will not be worthy.

Beloveds, time for me to move out and head to pick up our lunch meals. Take excellent care of yourself and those in your care. Know you are loved and appreciated. Priscilla.

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At 88 still married to Bill for 70 years. Began writing age 75. Six full length fictions. Artist. Staying alive at Springfield Place Retirement Village. Writing my memoirs.

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