Another Day… April 27, 2002

Beloveds… Am ‘pumped’ this morning! My darling and I had a wonderful dining experience (the first in a long while) last evening. The ‘gang’ from Springfield Place (our retirement community) had reservations at Big Boys eatery in nearby Clinton SC. Since Bubba is quite unable to ascend into the community bus, I stashed his rollator into the back hatch of our Subaru and stashed/buckled him into the front seat. We trolled the bus and arrived in short order. ~ At Big Boys one pays ‘up front’ and your drink orders are brought to your designated table. While I stood in line to eat legally, Linda Clark (artist & ongoing cancer survivor) got Bubba seated and comfortable at our assigned table. ~ Once you’re allowed to enter the many buffets and their assorted offerings one can become rather rattled attempting to glean only those foods known to be ‘favorites’ and bypass the ‘liver and onions’ or ‘chitterlings’. (I’m really joking… there were no chitterlings!) ~ I served Bubba’s plate with a smidgen of several of his food likes. Then I went back to serve my plate. ~ Since I’m on Keto, I must be careful to steer clear of as many carbohydrates as possible. Even with this stringent requirement I found plenty to satisfy. One of the first things I spied was the tray of fried fatback! Boy, oh Boy! Memories flooded my soul as I ‘saw’ my mother frying fatback to render the flavorful grease to incorporate into her wonderful cornbread. Mother knew to save the fatback chunks for me. ~ Consequently, I copped several of the morsels onto my plate. Another of my favorites is fried okra. Got a scoop of that too. Laid some sweet fried yellow crookneck squash onto the rapidly filling plate, but found room for a slab of gorgeous red tomato. ~ Feeling happy about decisions I joined the rest of the group. ~ It just so happened that Bubba was the only male among a gaggle of precious women. I think this fact must have brought out the ‘mothering instinct’ and Bubba had not seen this sort of attention since he was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army. Those precious souls appeared to hang on his every word and I’ve not heard him talk that much in nearly a year. Suffice it to say, Bubba got a massive ego boost last evening and is still basking in the afterglow. ~ Precious reader, understand that my 93 year old husband has been slipping downhill on the road of his earthly life for about 4 years, ever since he fell and broke his hip. Nearly daily I apprise our children (via my trusty I-Pad) of the state of their father’s health. Lately they’ve been praying for God to hold him here with us a little longer. As for myself, I stay in a constant state of Spirit connection begging our Father God to let me continue to care for him. ~ As he becomes more decrepit (which he definitely recognizes) he cries and apologizes for being troublesome for me. ~ Let me tell you, Beloveds, it takes an effort for me to maintain my calm and convincingly assure him that “I’ve got this… I’ve got you… Relax and let me… Everything is alright… ” ~ Darling Reader, If I can leave you with one thing, let it be that life on this evil old planet is rife with opportunities to strengthen yourself through casting each and every trauma onto the all-encompassing shoulders of your Creator Father God. Do not deny yourself the Blessings attendant upon capitulating your beautiful self into the hands of Creator Father God. ~ This old woman prays for you specifically (God knows you… He knows me) because He loves me… I love you. Priscilla

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At 88 still married to Bill for 70 years. Began writing age 75. Six full length fictions. Artist. Staying alive at Springfield Place Retirement Village. Writing my memoirs.

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  1. You’re amazing, dear Priscilla. Thank you for those precious wise words and all else. Fond thoughts and prayers for your Bubba and the whole family from me and mine.

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    1. Dearest Friend… Your words of appreciation mean So Much to me. You! Yes You are the reason all that is occurring presently in my life is satisfying. You made me believe in myself… enough to step out of my lethargic comfort zone and wade into the deep waters of promoting myself, books, artwork, and life’s experiences. Thank you, Darling.

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