… and a wonderful Thursday afternoon to all you precious readers!! My darling husband and I have just returned to our little apartment from having an enjoyable lunch in the ‘Independent Dining Room’ here at Springfield Place. Since it’s Thursday we ‘Springfield Inmates’ dubbed it “anything goes” day. Usually specific days (ie: Wed. is chicken, Fri. is fish) are designated foods and no surprises, however Thursday is ever up for conversations of conjecture! ~ While seated around in the community room, foods (and other interesting topics) are freely and openly discussed with no one reticent about their opinions. Oft times one can view the upward roll of eyes, or gentle nods or nots of hoary heads. ~ Living in this environment gives, those with some modicum of understanding, great entertainment. Having lived here now nearly 4 years provides this old woman with deep appreciation to Father God for allowing me to partake in such joyful education opportunities. ~ For instance, yesterday was “HAIR” day. Every Wednesday Maria comes to Springfield, bringing her lightening-fast expertise to transform LOTS of mussed hairdos into visions of youthful beauty – albeit white. Oh, don’t misunderstand me… several are yet sporting black, red, blond or brown tresses and proudly gaze upon the metamorphosis with happiness when Maria turns their chair toward the large mirror. And I’ve yet to encounter any individual that didn’t appreciate the outcome of Maria’s ministrations. ~ While waiting my turn, I cogitated and fantasized the youthful looks of one lady sleeping beneath a dryer. With her brown hair in rollers, she slept, unaware of my perusal. She had darkened brows beautifully arched beneath a deeply wrinkled forehead. Her regal nose nestled between furrowed cheeks drooping with loose jowls. Her lips smeared with bright red lipstick which furrowed into the minute creases around once-full lips. I knew very well that when Maria combed out her coiffure and she was turned to face her image, she would be granted the eyes of her youth to, once again, be awarded the strength to face whatever days are allotted to her. ~ Grabbing hold of my own mortality I was facing the identical opportunity of rejuvenation. ~ So, my Beloveds, reach out and draw to yourselves every vestige of strength to face your oncoming days. Attempt to allow your fellow-travelers the same benevolence you yourself receive. Spread your love with as much density (don’t be stingy) as you possibly can. Make someone’s day as you make your own. Realize that you are loved… because I do. Priscilla

Published by priscillabshuler

At 88 still married to Bill for 70 years. Began writing age 75. Six full length fictions. Artist. Staying alive at Springfield Place Retirement Village. Writing my memoirs.

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