Beloveds… today I began to think back to before I actually began writing seriously… back before any of my novels were published. I THINK I’d begun attempting my initial novel: TWO CAN PLAY, but not really sure. However, I DO know I was introduced to establishing a blog spot back in Jan 2010 and filled hours and pages of my stories and thoughts. Most of the stories are factual, especially of my childhood and the raptors we fed through the colder months. Too, our ‘inherited’ Border Collie plays a huge role in the story surrounding one particular winter. The story is entitled: DAWN, CLAW, TALON AND THE ROBBER BARONS. I think it would probably be a good children’s book. Just don’t have the time nor impetus to make the illustrations for it, nor everything else that goes into producing a viable book for publishing. Consequently, I desire that you, Dearest Reader, be given the opportunity to read all those offerings from that old original blog. Let me know what you think about them. None have been edited and are presented with errors intact. Yet, I pray you might enjoy them. Sincerely, Priscilla


Published by priscillabshuler

At 88 still married to Bill for 70 years. Began writing age 75. Six full length fictions. Artist. Staying alive at Springfield Place Retirement Village. Writing my memoirs.

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