Beloveds… Today I’m beset with the desire to bring to you some serious advice because of the terrible news inundating the airways lately. No good news… anywhere upon this planet. Unrest, war, murders, starvation, lying politicians as well as friends, theft, backstabbing, undermining others for self-promotion, total lawlessness, destruction of morals and common sense, etc.Continue reading “WARNING”

… and a wonderful Thursday afternoon to all you precious readers!! My darling husband and I have just returned to our little apartment from having an enjoyable lunch in the ‘Independent Dining Room’ here at Springfield Place. Since it’s Thursday we ‘Springfield Inmates’ dubbed it “anything goes” day. Usually specific days (ie: Wed. is chicken,Continue reading

Another Day… April 27, 2002 Beloveds… Am ‘pumped’ this morning! My darling and I had a wonderful dining experience (the first in a long while) last evening. The ‘gang’ from Springfield Place (our retirement community) had reservations at Big Boys eatery in nearby Clinton SC. Since Bubba is quite unable to ascend into the communityContinue reading