Grandmother’s Books


A beautiful blue-eyed baby boy is born to a sharecropper couple. Visited by Angels, and given power to heal. Kuimba never speaks but elicits haunting, melodious sounds wherever he goes. Misunderstood by his father but deeply loved by his mother, the boy is soon discovered by the overlord’s wife. Lucy becomes enamored of this baby to his detriment. Her appreciation lights the fuse of hatred smoldering within the heart of her son, and only child- R.Ed. Sworn to kill this “Jesus boy”, R.Ed spends his time devising ways to torture Kuimba.

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Daddy Jack’s Place

A young preacher weds a beautiful but deeply scarred girl. When he comes face to face with the horrendous family secret, he flees out into the night.  Rescued by his lifelong friend, Tom, who obtains an annulment for him, he drops all ties. Living at odd jobs until retirement he builds a country store in the depressed settlement of Nestuke, Louisiana. There, in his old age Jack revisits his past and laments the loss. Yet the past revives to reveal a most wonderful and unexpected gift.

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Our heroine/victim is found beaten, left for dead. But revived and sequestered for protection, as the populace of Zacchary, South Carolina all join in the effort to find the killer of ‘the Sweetheart of The 95 Truck Stop”. The story weaves through the minds of hearts of friends; exposing their varied problems as well as heroics. It culminates with a most unexpected event tying the loose threads together into a knot favored by God.

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An English orphan in early 1800’s, is rescued, and leaves England to sail to America at age 12. In San Francisco he’s shanghaied, rescued by a Miwok Indian girl. Works at Sutter’s Mill. With the Midas touch, a coerced marriage, coerced coitus. he leaves California to live through a yellow fever epidemic to lose wife and child to death in Louisiana. On to Mobile to the DuBois House and to encounter the “Miracle of the Storm’. Lastly, planting deep roots in S.C. at the end of Civil War he joins others with the historic ‘Sparing of Savannah’ from Sherman’s march to the sea!

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Two Can Play

Carolyn desperately wants a divorce from her philandering husband-Donald; a successful, well known plastic surgeon. However, he appreciates the status quo of his camouflage family so divorce is out of the question. Not to be deterred, Carolyn devises an ingenious ploy to get Donald so entangled into an emotionally binding web by “the other woman” that he will agree to a divorce. Things don’t turn out exactly as Carolyn planned.

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The Medallion

This story is based on a ‘rags-to-riches’ view. Our heroine is the illegitimate offspring of a devilish new Lord that entices a naïve 16 year old  heiress. After the rape, he escapes, but the young maid and her attendant are lost into the deep forest. The girl dies in childbirth and her gypsy companion raises the child as her own. As the lower servant to a large estate the girl becomes appreciated for her healing powers gleaned from her ‘mother’. Soon discovered by her biological father her safety is endangered as well as her inheritance.

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