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Grandmother Blogs

Sunday! Another beautiful day the Lord has given us to revel in His creation. We slept until 9 and I rolled out first. ~ Now here it is nearly noon already and ready to whip over to the kitchen serving line to glean our lunch meal. Usually they give us something sorta special for theContinue reading “Grandmother Blogs”

Grandmother Blogs

Today, I thought I’d present a small portion of my ‘work-in-progress-memoir’. One particular event in my young life had such a profound effect that the trauma remained alive and quite active for years. Even well after I’d married and had children of my own. Being the last of three children; born at the height ofContinue reading “Grandmother Blogs”

Grandmother Blogs

Yesterday was very interesting as well as tiring. Especially with the advanced age of our lives. As you already know, I’m 88 and my precious husband in 91. Taking a quick 125 mile round trip is fairly exhausting… particularly when we had to dismount/remount the vehicle four separate times. A couple weeks ago a gentlemanContinue reading “Grandmother Blogs”

Grandmother Blogs

Good morning Beloveds. Another beautiful day in Newberry, South Carolina. Thinking today I’d begin relating a story of what it’s like to be old. First off, you must realize it isn’t a lot of fun. Oh, I’m still grateful to Father God that I’m here on this side of the sod, but that being said,Continue reading “Grandmother Blogs”


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