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Yesterday was very interesting as well as tiring. Especially with the advanced age of our lives. As you already know, I’m 88 and my precious husband in 91.

Taking a quick 125 mile round trip is fairly exhausting… particularly when we had to dismount/remount the vehicle four separate times.

A couple weeks ago a gentleman in large pickup truck backed into the left rear panel of my Subaru in our local Walmart Shopping Center parking lot. I had already backed out and put my car in D, when I felt a wham. Initially, I feared I’d backed into something, but I quickly remembered there had been nothing in the viewfinder when I backed. Looking out my window I spied the truck jammed into my car.

To shorten this story… I magnanimously allowed the man to leave. He had come to view the damage and swiped his hand across the ‘smeared’ damage to my car assuring me it would easily buff out with washing.

Not wanting to hold up the line of cars waiting behind us, and worn out already from shopping, loading groceries into the car, and weather hot as hades, I determined to let him leave.

So… yesterday we drove to Greenville to the Fairway Ford Body Shop for an estimate of the cost to bring “Lizzie” back up to par. After an hour wait – not their fault; we were early, the final bill will cost us just over $720. I was thankful it wasn’t more.

On the way home we decided to find a good place to offload again and have a bite to eat. Located the Cracker Barrel on 385 near Simpsonville and drove there. Had a very nice, homey dinner in quietness and returned to the car. Our difficulties lie in the fact my husband fell awhile back and broke his hip. He is ambulatory – to a point! From there it takes both of us with walking canes to manipulate our carcasses anywhere. If one goes down, we both go down. Careful manipulation is our middle name.

Last, we stopped by the fresh market on Wilson Road here in Newberry to pick up bread, eggs, and a watermelon. Arriving home we staggered in and saw where a huge box of toilet paper had been delivered from Amazon. (I use Amazon a lot at this stage in our lives) We dragged the box inside to hold until later to be opened and sorted into a couple places convenient to reach. Too, was a box of Tasters Choice Coffee that I try to keep on hand. That’s our favorite and easy ‘to do’ in the microwave. HOWEVER, two of the jars were shattered and so I had to contact them to let them know. Nice time to realize this is a non-returnable item. BUT, I was able to contact the seller and they quickly assured me they would refund the purchase price for the broken jars.

To top off my day, after I’d tucked Bill into bed, I opened the TT and stashed part behind the door in my bathroom, and the rest onto a shelf of the food pantry located in the entrance hall of our little two-bedroom apartment.

Beloveds, so much for a day in the life of an old couple. I do pray your days are healthy and joyous and troubles are few and far between.

Published by priscillabshuler

At 88 still married to Bill for 70 years. Began writing age 75. Six full length fictions. Artist. Staying alive at Springfield Place Retirement Village. Writing my memoirs.

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