Beloveds… Today I’m beset with the desire to bring to you some serious advice because of the terrible news inundating the airways lately. No good news… anywhere upon this planet. Unrest, war, murders, starvation, lying politicians as well as friends, theft, backstabbing, undermining others for self-promotion, total lawlessness, destruction of morals and common sense, etc. and etc. (I think this might be when the Word of God told us that what was first shall be last… … )

With the recession up-swinging, food prices soaring, dwindling shelves, and gasoline costs higher than this old woman has ever seen and the most unstable government in my 90 year lifetime… It behooves us to seek peace and sustenance from The Source. At the possible risk of losing you (so be it) I-being a blood-bought child of King Jesus desire to put forth a bit of blessed sage advice. (Nothing I tend to love more than availing my readers with advice gleaned from my life-long experiences upon this Satanic Sod.)

  1. Know Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord. How? Do you believe in The Only High Power of this universe? Matters not what you call ‘him’. The sexless Father God IS The only true power in all of creation. There is, was, nor can be anything made that HE didn’t make. (OH! Did you truly mean that, Priscilla? Yes!) Even the fallen Angel, Lucifer… the one chosen by Father as His most perfect and beautiful creation. Beautiful Lucifer was so enamored of himself that he decided to overthrow his father and take over. Consequently, Father cast him down into this earth. And beautiful Lucifer had become so powerful that 1/3 of Heavens Angels were cast along with him. Next, Father wanted to test His created earthlings-made in the ‘image’ of Father Himself. He placed them (you know them as Adam and Eve- sexual beings to procreate and live at peace in the beautiful Garden of Eden. The ONLY stipulation was that, amidst the garden stood one tree that produced a fruit so volatile to those innocent beings, they must never eat from it.) Lucifer, cunning and charismatic, had access to the garden and began his ploy to undermine Father by destroying another creation on His planet. ~ You know the occurrence… enticing Eve to eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, she capitulated and then invited Adam to do the same. Consequently the pair were cast from the garden into the Satanic world. Where you and I live today. Realize your life upon this planet is a battle for your soul.
  2. Do all in your realm of power and influence to live at peace with everyone. However, IF you find yourself being inundated by sinful barrages, then remove yourself from such and pray for your enemies. Do not join in sinful actions. Ask for forgiveness as often as necessary to maintain your Spiritual connection with Father God, through the Salvation of Jesus Christ. Don’t be surprised when people you considered to be your friends castigate you for your decision to forego sinful activities. Understand your eternal soul is more important than capitulation to satisfy their demands.
  3. Study God’s Holy Word often. Pray often. Speak to others often. Exemplify His Love to everyone… making no stipulation as to who you become benevolent to. Realize that all people are made by God and as such are precious to Him. After all, He sent His only begotten Son to this sin-filled earth to offer Himself in our stead… to purchase our souls from eternal hell… IF we’d accept his sacrifice and commit to living our days here under HIS influence He shall provide us with His super strength to get through.
  4. Understand too, that Satan is very powerful and knows the weaknesses of mankind. He knows your weaknesses. Self-satisfaction (gratification) is one of the greatest undermining influencers facing humans. Lottery, betting, quick riches, eye-candy, sexual deviancy and escalation, conveniences, lies, cheating, mind-altering drugs, destruction of the male and female and family unit… and the list goes on. And, I am loath to say, it isn’t going to get better before it gets worse. We shall face times upcoming that make men’s hearts to faint. Honestly, I knew times would get ‘bad’ but I never imagined we could have women screaming for the ‘right’ to murder their own babies. Such deviancy will certainly reap its reward – eternal hell. Yet that same woman would stab anyone caught mistreating a puppy (for instance). Beloveds, our priorities have become skewed. We’re being spoon-fed poison. And, unless you KNOW JESUS CHRIST AS YOUR SAVIOR, you are ‘eating it up’ with a smile. ~ ~ Please, consider the worth of your eternal soul! Accept the fact that Father God loves you still… Accept His Son as your Salvation of Soul, and begin life anew… being protected and led by His Holy Spirit and know what it is to breathe free (even as we stumble through this evil earth). Do not fear the onslaught coming, but wear The Full Armor of God. Amen.

Published by priscillabshuler

At 88 still married to Bill for 70 years. Began writing age 75. Six full length fictions. Artist. Staying alive at Springfield Place Retirement Village. Writing my memoirs.

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